The medieval town of San Gimignano is with no doubt well known for its architecture made 
of different size towers, a Unesco patrimony known all over the word as the "medieval Mahnattan".

But San Gimignano is also a small wine region in Tuscany where a special white wine is produced: Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

Its origins are pretty old and the complexity of this tuscan white wine produced mostly by family owned wineries is often called a red wine with a white colour due to the complexity and the minerality typical of this product and some characteristics similar to a red wine. 

The Vernaccia wine tour will start with a free visit (time on your own) in San Gimignano, a free exploration of the jewel town and its shops and scenic views from each point.

Then we will go to a small medieval hamlet entirely owned by a family where the owners will welcome us, will show us their wine cellars and after a great explanation of the wine making process we will move in the tasting room or weather permitting in the gardens where a table full of typical tuscan products and wines served directly from the oak barrels will entertain your palate.

After we will visit another winery and we will go ahead tasting some other deliceous samples of Vernaccia.